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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Self-Awareness in Resource Constrained Cyber-Physical Systems


Inspired by biological examples, self-awareness has become a hot research topic in a variety of disciplines and its applicability has been explored in various application domains. The topic owes its attractiveness to its promise to facilitate highly resilient, adaptive and outstandingly efficient behaviors. Thus, self-awareness holds the promise to promote dependability in all types of smart gadgets and artificial agents in the interconnected world of future.

However, the challenges raised by these new promising features are also significant, not least because they have a profound impact on the way we design, validate and test incorporating self-awareness. If a system smartly adapts to changing needs and environment, how do we validate its functionality at design time? How do we specify the correct functionality in the first place? What are the relevant trade-offs? How can we quantify uncertainties and variabilities in a meaningful way to deal with them in the design process? These are only some of the pressing questions that have to be addressed before these new features can be exploited.

The ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems seeks original manuscripts for a special issue on “Self-Awareness in Resource Constrained Cyber-Physical Systems” which will cover recent development on methods, architecture, design, validation and application of resource-constrained cyber-physical systems that exhibit a degree of self-awareness.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

•  Self-monitoring and self-assessment of distributed CPS
•  Reliability, safety and security in CPS based on self-awareness
•  Ongoing learning, reasoning, self-modelling and knowledge management, at run-time
•  Resource management based on self-awareness in distributed CPS
•  Robust control for resource management and self-awareness
•  Applications for self-aware CPS

Submission Guidelines:

Authors should submit their journal version at Manuscript Central adhering to the formatting instructions on the TCPS Web page, and indicate that you are submitting to the Special Issue on Self-Awareness in Resource Constrained Cyber-Physical Systems” on the first page and in the field “Author's Cover Letter:” in Manuscript Central). For additional questions, please send an email to any of the guest editors:,,

Submission Guidelines:

Submission deadline: 7 December, 2018
Notification of First Round: 15 Febuary, 2019
Submission of Revision: 10 April, 2019
Final Notification: 24 May, 2019
Final Paper Due: 4 June, 2019

Guest Editors Contacts:

Peter Lewis,
Axel Jantsch,
Nikil Dutt,

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