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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Real-Time aspects in Cyber-Physical Systems



As embedded platforms are becoming more and more powerful, affordable, and portable, networked smart devices have been widely deployed in real life to provide health services, enhance factory automation and enable smart transportation, smart cities, and smart grids. These systems fall within the class of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs). CPSs involve tight integration of cyber (computation) and physical domains and reply on highly internetworked, large scale, and heterogeneous platforms. Designing such CPSs in an effective and resource efficient way requires considering models of the physical and cyber parts together, the latter of which must include both computations and communications. In fact, both generate artefacts, notably delays, which pose impact on system performance and response. Because time is an important attribute of physical dynamics, many applications in the CPS domain possess real-time requirements. However, CPSs operate in an open environment with the integration of heterogeneous platforms, and therefore it is very challenging to provide predictable responses for CPS services. This has been stimulating research on using real-time design techniques and run-time mechanisms in CPSs.

Following this trend, this special issue invites original, high-quality work that report the latest advances in real-time aspects in CPSs. Featured articles should present novel strategies that address real-time issues in different aspects of CPS design and implementation, including theory, system software, middleware, applications, network, tool chains, test beds, and case studies.

Topics of interest to this special issue include (non-exhaustive list)

•    Real-time analytical methods for CPS
•    Real-time issues in smart and connected health
•    Technologies for real-time smart city applications
•    Real-time infrastructure for smart transportation
•    Real-time issues in Industry 4.0
•    Cloud, virtualization, and middleware for real-time CPS
•    Sensor-actuator networks and communication for real-time CPS
•    Computing and communication models for real-time cyber-physical co-design
•    Architectural support for real-time CPS
•    Security and privacy in real-time CPS
•    Simulation, emulation, and performance evaluation for real-time CPS
•    Applications and case studies of real-time CPS

Authors should submit their journal version at Manuscript Central adhering to the formatting instructions on the TCPS Web page and indicate that you are submitting to the Special Issue on “Real-Time aspects in Cyber-Physical Systems” on the first page and in the field “Author's Cover Letter:” in manuscriptcentral). For additional questions, please send an email to Li-Pin Chang <>.


•    Submission deadline: September 18, 2017
•    First review results: approx. January 2018
•    Final version deadline: approx. March 2018

Please notice that the scheduled review dates are approximate dates and subject to change. We will kindly inform you about the review results as soon as a decision is made. Questions regarding the disclosure of the review results should be addressed to Li-Pin Chang via


Luis Almeida, U. Porto, Portugal
Bjorn Andersson, CMU, USA 
Jen-Wei Hsieh, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Li-Pin Chang, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan
Xiaobo Sharon Hu, University of Notre Dame, USA

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