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Information and Guidelines for Authors

How to Submit

All manuscripts considered for publication in TCPS must be prepared in the PDF format and submitted via the ACM Manuscript Central submission site at

Manuscript Preparation


TCPS publishes original research papers and survey papers in the ACM Transaction style. Manuscripts should follow the ACM formatting guidelines (Small Standard Format). A 25-page limit is applied to all manuscripts, and those longer than the limit will be rejected without going through the review process. Although it may be appropriate to place some content in supplementary electronic material to accompany the submission, the manuscript should be self-contained. If accepted, the paper, along with the supplementary material, will be made available in the ACM Digital Library.

Prior Conference Publications

TCPS accepts only submissions of original technical contributions. They should not have been published in any publications nor be under consideration by another journal at the time of submission. If a paper has already been published by a refereed conference, TCPS only considers a submission that contains significant additional contributions, compared to the original material. It is imperative that a brief description of the differences, as well as the conference version(s), be attached to this submission for reviewers to identify the new technical materials considered for publication in TCPS. The appropriate designation must be selected for the files during the submission process. Authors should also read the related ACM policies:

Language Services

ACM has partnered with International Science Editing (ISE) to provide language editing services to ACM authors. ISE offers a comprehensive range of services for authors including standard and premium English language editing, as well as illustration and translation services, and also has significant international outreach, especially in China. Editing is available for both Word and LaTeX files. As an ACM author, you will receive a generous discount on ISE editing services.

To take advantage of this partnership, visit  (Editing services are at author expense and do not guarantee publication of a manuscript.)

Please note that formatting assistance is provided at no charge to authors by Aptara, as specified on the author style guide page:

Review Process


TCPS has a commitment to a rapid but thorough review process, while keeping the publications reputation for quality and integrity. Each submission is sent to at least three reviewers. The length of the process varies between papers, depending on the complexity of the material submitted for review. The general workflow of handling a submission is as follows:

  • Admin Checklist: 4 days

  • EIC Assign AE: 14 days

  • AE Select Referees: 7 days

  • AE Invite Referees: 1 day

  • AE Assign Referees: 1 day

  • Reviewer returns review: 45 days

  • AE Recommendation: 14 days

  • EiC Decision: 14 days

  • Minor Revision Resubmission: 30 days

  • Major Revision Resubmission: 90 days

Desk Reject Policy

All refereed articles accepted for publication need to have three qualified reviews. However, TCPS implements (assisted) desk rejects, i.e., rejections based on the judgment of the EiC or an AE that a paper is either out of scope or so far from acceptable as to make external reviews unnecessary. Assisted desk rejects may involve getting one outside review to corroborate an AE's judgement. In summary, soliciting fewer than three reviews is fine for clear reject cases, but not sufficient for articles that are accepted.

Decision Categories

The disposition of each manuscript submitted to TCPS will fall into one of the following four categories:

  • Accept:  An accept decision means that the manuscript is accepted "as is" and with no further changes whatsoever. The manuscript will not be seen again by the editor or the reviewers.

  • Minor revisions: A minor revision means that the AE can reach the final recommendation based on his/her own review of the revised manuscript without consultation of the original reviewers. Minor revisions may be reviewed by only 1 or 2 of the normally required 3 reviewers, or the AE may make the final recommendation based on his/her decision about whether author incorporated the suggested revisions.

  • Major revisions: A major revision means that the revised manuscript should go back to the original reviewers for a second round of reviews. The decision is made when the AE believes that the authors can probably complete the revisions which are too extensive or substantial to fall into the category of "minor revisions".

  • Reject: The manuscript in its present form is not suitable for publication.

Once Accepted

Once a manuscript has been peer-reviewed and accepted, an author must submit the final source files through Manuscript Central. Guidelines for preparing the final version for publication can be found at ACM accepted manuscript preparation guidelines. Note that neither changes to the paper title nor the author list are permitted at this stage.

Page Charges

No page charges are required for publication in TCPS.


A copyedited version of the manuscript will be sent to the contact author for proofreading. The author has one week to approve and return the proof. Another round of corrections may be requested if necessary. Note that post-copyediting changes must be kept to a minimum and can be made only when absolutely necessary.

Supplemental Online-only Material

Please provide a brief description of your supplementary online-only material (i.e., text and multimedia material) to be published in the Digital Library. A short "readme.txt" file will appear in the DL along with your supplementary material describing its content and whatever requirements there are for using it.

Author Rights

New options for ACM authors to manage rights and permissions for their work: ACM introduces a new publishing license agreement, an updated copyright transfer agreement, and a new author-pays option which allows for perpetual open access through the ACM Digital Library. For more information, visit the ACM Author Rights webpage at

ACM Computing Classification System (CCS)

An important aspect of preparing your paper for publication by ACM Press is to provide the proper indexing and retrieval information from the ACM Computing Classification System (CCS). This is beneficial to you because accurate categorization provides the reader with quick content reference, facilitating the search for related literature, as well as searches for your work in ACM's Digital Library and on other online resources.


ACM is transitioning to the new authoring templates found at:  The new TeX template consolidates all eight individual ACM journal and proceedings templates.  The templates are updated to the latest software versions, were developed to enable accessibility features, and they use a new font set. Please note: Separate Word for Windows and Word for Mac consolidated templates are also available.

We will continue to accept manuscripts using the previous template format through Spring 2017. 

The new TeX template requires that a call be made within the source document  for “\documentclass” so that an article is formatted according to the specifications to the publication. Detailed instructions can be found in section 2.2 of the User and Implementation Guide (

ACM Author-Izer Service

Once your manuscript is published, we recommend that you use the newly launched ACM Author-Izer service. This service allows you to generate and post a link on your home page or institutional repository to your published article. This link will let any visitors to your personal bibliography pages download the definitive version of the articles for free from the ACM DL. These downloads will be recorded as part of your DL usage statistics. A detailed description of the service and instructions for its use may be found at:

See the summary description and instructions.

For further assistance

  • Questions regarding editorial review process should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Questions regarding the post-acceptance production process should be addressed to the Publisher, Laura A. Lander.
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