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Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) has emerged as a unifying name for systems where the cyber parts, i.e., the computing and communication parts, and the physical parts are tightly integrated, both at the design time and during operation. Such systems use computations and communication deeply embedded in and interacting with physical processes to add new capabilities to physical systems. These cyber-physical systems range from miniscule (pace makers) to large-scale (a national power-grid). There is an emerging consensus that new methodologies and tools need to be developed to support cyber-physical systems.

ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems (TCPS) publishes high-quality original research papers and survey papers that have scientific and technological understanding of the interactions of information processing, networking and physical processes. TCPS covers the following topics: 

  •   -  Computation Abstractions
  •   -  System Modeling and Languages
  •   -  System Compositionality and Integration
  •   -  Design Automation and Tool Chains
  •   - Trustworthy System Designs
  •   -  Resilient and Robust System Designs
  •   - Human in the Loop. 

The application domains covered by TCPS include, but are not limited to: Healthcare, Transportation, Automotive, Avionics, Energy, Living Space, and Robotics.

We expect all submissions to show enough evidence of their contributions to CPS applications/systems in practice.

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